Sukkot Season 2015

Another Sukkot Season has come and gone. For NLCC it climaxed on Sunday night with a fantastic Sukkot Party. Thanks to all who came and joined the celebration! View some pics from the event in our photo gallery.

The 'Sukkot Season' refers to the Biblical Calendar festivals that fall in September and October. Each festival connects us to Jesus Christ as the centre of God's Story. Each festival has both historical and prophetic significance. Participating in the rhythms of this Biblical Calendar connects our community's worship to the whole Gospel story!
At a glimpse...

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Day of Trumpets - anticipates the return of King Jesus and is a call to watch and pray.
Day of Atonement - anticipates the national salvation of Israel and celebrates that Jesus Christ has become our atonement.
Sukkot - anticipates the future 'God With Us' reality described in Revelation 21. It also reminds us of Jesus' incarnation - the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Sukkot is a Hebrew word meaning 'dwellings', 'shelters', 'booths', or 'tabernacles'.

Read about New Life's journey with the Biblical Calendar here, or see an overview of God's Story in Sukkot and his other festivals here.