Sacred Assembly 2015

The New Life family is invited to gather in sacred assembly during the ten 'days of awe' between the Day of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement. This is one way that we can participate in the Christ-centred rhythms of the Biblical Calendar. From September 14-23, the Prayer Room (PR) will be open on weekdays from 6am-9pm.

Prayer leaders will be present to lead two hour sets during these times. These sets will include times of personal reflection and repentance, prayer for our nation, and prayer for the salvation of Jewish people. Some evening sets will feature live worship teams and teaching DVDs.

Our goal is to see three people committed to each PR set and fill this sacred assembly with the incense of communal prayer and worship. Please use the form below to commit to some sets. Where possible spread yourselves out to reach that goal of three people at each set!