Celebrating Pentecost At Home

Pentecost 2017 on the Biblical Calendar runs from sunset May 30 to sunset May 31.

Countdowns can create an exciting atmosphere of anticipation and celebration. They are also great times to sit with family and friends to discuss God’s truths and teach the younger generations. Here are some simple ideas to make Pentecost a meaningful time for you and your family.

Create a space in your home, perhaps a table centrepiece, or a wall to hang some Pentecost bags (explained below) where you can gather each day between May 21-31 to discuss and reflect on the gift of the Holy Spirit, the story of Pentecost and give thanks together. On the final day, the day of Pentecost, have a celebration meal – a Pentecost Party! Make this time unique and special for your family.


From May 21-31 you can receive daily emails with a reading and prayer plan designed to connect you to God's Story in Pentecost. 
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Hang 10 bags, one for each of the 10 days leading up to Pentecost. These could be paper lunch bags, small gift bags, or individually wrapped packages. Inside you will place a dove and some Scripture tags, and perhaps a small gift for the children.

You can put a small one or two dollar gift into each bag to give to the children to symbolise how we are celebrating receiving the gift of God’s Spirit. You can even make these gifts relevant to the particular Scriptures you will highlight during the week. Alternatively, you could give one special gift on the actual day of Pentecost.


Make some paper doves (as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, see Matt. 3:16) and put one in each bag, so each night you can hang another dove, and by the time of your Pentecost Party, you’ll have a whole flock of doves! Alternatively, you could make paper 'flames' to connect with Acts 2:3.

Origami Dove Video Instructions

Paper Doilie Dove

Paper Dove Printable



On some paper tags, write some Scripture references or a topic that relates to the gift of the Holy Spirit and the story of Pentecost. These can be used for the basis of your discussions & prayer each day. Perhaps use these each night as you eat dinner together. You can then hang them with the doves, or around your Pentecost Bag area.

Include portions from the daily readings that are emailed to you from New Life Christian Community. Key scriptures for the season are Acts 2, Exodus 19-20.

This list provides a good list of Holy Spirit's activity.


Pentecost is a celebration! Celebrate with family and friends, flames of candlelight and ‘filled’ foods that represent the infilling of the Holy Spirit, such as pies, wraps, stuffed vegetables/meats…however you like!

The children might like to make tongues of fire Pentecost head bands for each person to wear at dinner, and perhaps add in a few extra decorations around the home.

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