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Directions to Fremantle Christian College (9:30am - 11:15am Sundays):


New Life Prayer Room // Clusters // Youth and Kids

Worship, prayer and community-building happens throughout the week. From Monday to Friday you’ll find people from New Life meeting at our Prayer Room in South Fremantle.

Read more about Clusters and our discipleship groups for youth and children.



What happens on Sunday morning?

We call our Sunday morning services ‘Celebrations’ because we are coming together to celebrate Jesus Christ. We do this through singing songs of worship, praying and listening to teaching from the Bible.

Usually it looks like this... After about 30 minutes of singing and praying together we invite those who want healing prayer to come forward and receive prayer from our prayer team. Each week we share the Feast of Jesus (bread and juice) to remember the death, resurrection and future return of Jesus. This is followed by a few announcements and an opportunity to take your children (ages 0-11) out to age-appropriate programs.

We then hear from someone who will teach from the Bible about God and living in response to God. The teaching time could be 30 minutes or an hour – usually it’s somewhere in between. Often we will respond to what has been taught by singing or praying together, before breaking for coffee and tea at the back of the hall.

You're welcome to come and fully participate or just sit and observe. We'd love to meet you!

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