Certain sessions in the Prayer Room will follow a specific theme under the guidance of the designated Prayer Room leader. Follow along with the prayer and scripture focus. Agree with the prayers, sing and pray the scriptures, join in the worship.

There are at least 7 other activities that you can do while in the Prayer Room in addition to participation with the Prayer Leader including:

  1. Bible study (e.g. read a book of the Bible; read 10 chapters/day; meditate and journal),
  2. Praying in devotional tongues,
  3. Creating and praying through a personal intercession list,
  4. Praying for people and ministries on the prayer board,
  5. Participation in small group prayer,
  6. Read books from the bookshelf at the rear or bring your own, and
  7. Pray for a nation - use the map on the back wall and the resources in the bookshelf at the rear or research a nation before you come.

Differentiating between COMMUNITY PRAYER and PERSONAL PRAYER:

Community prayer involves being with Jesus together, and is a time for corporate agreement on who God says He is (worship) and on what He says He will do (intercession). Community prayer is not primarily for personal devotions, alt hough there will be many opportunities to express personal devotion in the Prayer Room.

  • Some people falsely conclude that the Prayer Room is too difficult for their prayer life because they are mostly thinking of their personal and devotional prayer life with all of its liberties in a private environment.
  • Only a small percentage of our prayer lives will occur in the Prayer Room. Our prayer life is NOT limited to what happens in this Prayer Room. Both personal and community prayer must embrace the “unceasing” dimension.
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